Dawn Leger
Author of the new mystery, Embracing the Fool

It's here - "Freeing the Magician," Book 2 of the Cassie Thornton Mystery Series!


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Embracing the Fool...A Cassie Thornton Mystery

The first book in the series...

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Prof. Cassie (Cassandra) Thornton’s mother left the family when her daughter was just 8 years old to return to the Gypsy life in Europe. In the first book of the series, "Embracing the Fool," Cassie is starting her second year in a teaching position at New York University, trying to live a quiet academic life in a new city. She has secrets, but she is innocent of the murder she stumbles upon in the opening scene. 
Cassie is funny and fresh. Her give-and-take with NYPD Detective Tyler Friday is priceless, and their relationship takes off when Cassie’s past comes knocking on the door in book two, “Freeing the Magician.” The series is quick and fast-paced, with a bit of romance stirred in and a soupçon of the exotic when Cassie allows herself to test the skills she has inherited from her mother.



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On September 11, 2001, the entire country was swept up in feelings that were unfamiliar after the first attack on its land since Pearl Harbor. From cities to small towns, National Guardsmen patrolled armories and “foreigners” were looked at with more animosity than ever. Along the Connecticut shore, in the small fictional town of Jerome, the looming naval base and its adjacent shipyard were not immune to this atmosphere of fear and suspicion, especially after a man was discovered murdered in a gruesome manner, tied to a bed in a Main Street apartment. Although dismissed as a sex-related killing by the local police, the victim’s sister was certain that the death was related to the terrorist acts that had taken place the same day the body was discovered. Both Clara Quiñones and her brother Raoul were trained FBI officers, and he was still on the job in Jerome, seeking the source of a gun-running outfit operating near the naval base. Clara’s search for the truth about his murder alternates with chapters describing Raoul’s discovery of a group of terrorists organizing an attack on New York City. The fast pace of the two stories takes readers inside the minds of the terrorists, and uncovers the seamy underbelly of life in the shadow of a defense monolith. Interspersed with memories of growing up Hispanic in a transient town, looking after a beloved baby brother and trying to make her own mark on the world, Clara’s journey for truth and vindication takes her deep into the heart of what it means to be good, to be right, and to get justice.

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In Flight

IN FLIGHT........by Dawn Leger

Rising Star
Editors Choice

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Marta Demir, a successful attorney with an international trade company based in New York City, travels to Istanbul to sort out a dispute over pasta exportation between Turkey, Italy, and the United States. On the airplane from New York, Marta's seatmate, an elderly Greek man named Vasilli Vassilios, shares his story of exile from Constantinople as a child. He is returning to the land of his birth in response to a letter informing him of the death of his brother, whom he has not seen or heard from in over seventy-five years.

Although she is at first unwilling to involve herself in Vasilli's problems, it eventually becomes a relief from the pasta case and Marta is drawn to help her new friend. Their search for his family leads the pair to visit Buyuk Ada, an island in the Marmara that is home to many wealthy Turkish and minority families. There, rather than find information about Vasilli's past, Marta is shaken to learn that her mother perished shortly after she left the country. As Vasilli and Marta search throughout Turkey to find clues to their family secrets, they discover the warmth and beauty of the Turkish countryside and her people.